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Improve Mental, Emotional and Physical Health with Tai Chi – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

Good health involves more than the condition of our bodies. Mental and emotional well-being are required, too. To achieve good health, we must address the state of the mind, body and spirit. Our busy modern lifestyle makes it hard to find time to manage all three aspects of wellness. However, many have discovered that a moving meditation practice like tai chi is ideal for simultaneously improving mental, emotional and physical health.

Five Ways to Maximize Space in Your Garage with Overhead Storage — Nuvo Garage

Overhead space is an untapped storage jackpot in most garages. Sturdy steel overhead shelving is the perfect place to store seasonal and seldom-used items. Specialty racks make light work of storing ladders and other bulky items overhead. Customized overhead slings make lifting and lowering kayaks, roof racks and other sporting goods a breeze. Overhead bicycle racks safely store multiple bikes while reserving floor and wall space. A made-to-measure mezzanine provides loads of overhead storage space for bulky items.

Creating the Perfect Garage for a Car Enthusiast — Nuvo Garage

Whether you own an imported, high-end, performance vehicle, are restoring a classic automobile or simply want to maintain your family vehicle, garage organization is essential. Performing your own vehicle maintenance can either be quick and easy or slow and painful. Think about the pit crews at the Honda Indy Toronto. They perform their tasks quickly because they are organized and have all of the necessary tools on hand. Likewise, the level of organization in your garage will impact your car maintenance experience.

Our Teaching System, Tai Chi Mississauga – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

At our school, we teach the traditional tai chi forms with over 80 moves that take approximately 25 to 30 minutes to perform. We do not teach the shorter forms like the Simplified or 24 Form routine because these forms were created for the purpose of competition to be completed in a very short time. Many are intimidated by the traditional long forms, unsure if they can learn or remember so many moves. This is when a good teaching system can make a difference in your learning experience.