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Get the Most Out of Your Hot Yoga Practice by Focusing on the Basics – Hot Yoga TNT

If you want to achieve the amazing results Bikram yoga has to offer, be sure to attend our next Focus 90 class. Focus 90 is a special class we host periodically to answer questions and make time for individual posture corrections. We slow things down to ensure that you’re working within your normal range of motion, applying the principle of less is more and doing the postures precisely for maximum benefit.

Hot Yoga Increases Flexibility by Employing the Science of Movement

Hot yoga is more than just an intense workout that can reshape the look of our bodies. It can reset the body and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system. Its therapeutic nature makes us feel better as we go about our daily lives. It improves the way we sit, sleep, walk and work.

Retraining the muscle spindles and stretching the muscle fascia increases flexibility and improves overall musculoskeletal health. However, a continued, consistent hot yoga or yin yoga practice is essential in order to achieve full, lasting benefits. To increase flexibility and get optimal results from these two therapeutic practices, practice yoga at least three times per week.

Improve Your Hot Yoga Practice with Our Focus 90 Clinic

Join us for our Focus 90 Posture Clinic on Saturday, January 23rd at noon. See demonstrations of each of the 26 poses. Get tips on how to execute each asana precisely while working within your current range of motion. Improve your postures with individual confirmations and corrections. Broaden your knowledge during question and answer session.

You’ll learn how to apply the principle of less is more to take your yoga practice to the next level and receive maximum health benefits.

Protect Your Garage Door during Winter Weather

The weather can also wreak havoc on your garage door. Ice and snow builds up beneath the garage door, freezing it shut. Metal components contract and seize up in extreme temperatures. Old lubricating grease hardens when temperatures drop, gumming up the tracks. While some issues cause minor inconveniences, others can lead to expensive damage to your garage door or garage opener.

Create Workshop Space in Your Garage

The gift-giving season is upon us. If you’re a parent or grandparent, you may find yourself in need of a workspace where you can create or assemble toys and other gifts away from prying eyes. Or perhaps you simply want a workshop where you can work on crafts and hobbies. Your garage can provide the needed workspace and solitude.