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Garage Renovation & Design: DIY or Do It For Me — Nuvo Garage

Garages are a great way to use the space effectively for storing a wide variety of household items from garden tools to sports equipment to winter tires. The main concern, of course, is to find a place for all these items in the garage while keeping the vehicles safe as they are being driven in and out as well as parked inside the garage.

Preparing for a Garage Renovation — Nuvo Garage

Start by throwing out anything that is broken. From there, if you have duplicate items, move them to your garage sale items. Decorative items that we don’t love are ideal for the garage sale. If it is clothing that you haven’t worn for a year, the guideline is that you probably won’t be wearing it again. Finally, all belongings require upkeep so if you’re not willing to dust and clean it regularly, consider it another item for the garage sale.

People with Parkinson’s Practice Tai Chi – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

It’s been shown that tai chi slows the decline in motor coordination and skills in people with Parkinson’s disease. People with Parkinson’s also fell less often all while increasing their walking stride and the speed of their movements. Each person is unique in their experiences and progression of Parkinson’s but along with proper medication, enjoying tai chi can help people live with Parkinson’s with as much confidence and self-assurance as possible.

Five Ways to Maximize Storage in Tall Garages — Nuvo Garage

The tall garage with its abundant overhead space is one of the most versatile design spaces in an entire garage renovation. With a wide range of overhead storage solutions available, the tall garage has the most potential for unique options of both form and function. Not only are these garage renovation solutions functional but they can also add visual appeal to support even the most dynamic of family lifestyles.

Garage Door Challenges of Winter — Nuvo Garage

A semi-annual check of your door for wood chips, rust and fraying tension cables will help maintain your garage door for many years of use. While the handyman in the family can sand wood and rust from garage door parts, seek a professional if you find any fraying tension cables. Garage doors can be very heavy so a well-maintained door is important to its daily function and to your family’s well-being.