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Garage Door Challenges of Winter — Nuvo Garage

A semi-annual check of your door for wood chips, rust and fraying tension cables will help maintain your garage door for many years of use. While the handyman in the family can sand wood and rust from garage door parts, seek a professional if you find any fraying tension cables. Garage doors can be very heavy so a well-maintained door is important to its daily function and to your family’s well-being.

Open House Qigong & Tai Chi Events – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

Tai Chi is one of the most popular martial art and exercise practised in the world today. It is an internal Martial Art that combines philosophy, martial arts, well-being, and self awareness. Practising tai chi requires focus of the mind and body, with slow, controlled movements that require natural posture alignment, balance and inner peace.

Winterize the Garage Floors — Nuvo Garage

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best garage flooring system. Budget and personal preference play a major role. However, the condition of your garage floor is also a factor. Substantial pitting or cracking requires that voids be filled before any coating is applied. Consult with a garage renovation specialist and then plan the de-cluttering of belongings so there is unrestricted access to the entire garage floor space to apply a new floor to your garage.

A Comparison of Qi Gong vs. Tai Chi – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

There are many different types of qi gong with hundreds of styles and 5 major schools of tai chi with many variations within each. Tai chi and qi gong are two very different disciplines. It’s like comparing dance with aerobics. Both involve movement coordinated with music and are good exercises for the body, however their intent is very different. Tai chi and qi gong also appear similar because they involve slow movements and provide a host of health benefits, but their intent is different.

Prepare Your Garage for a Snowy Winter — Nuvo Garage

Maybe you’ve even resorted to parking your vehicles outside, rather than vying for the parking space inside the garage over the multitudes of family belongings. Before winter arrives, here are some ways to prepare your garage and car. Preparation is key to protecting your garage and car from the winter elements.