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StoreWALL Wall Organization Systems — Nuvo Garage

Slatwall is one of the central storage options to a garage renovation. Slatwall provides an efficient garage storage system but not all slatwall organization systems are created equal. The commercial grade StoreWALL slatwall system has been around since 1997. StoreWALL is one of the strongest and most durable systems with load bearing capacities which meet and exceed most storage needs around the garage.

Is Practicing Weapons in Tai Chi for You? – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

Learning weapons brings a new level of difficulty to tai chi. It can be challenging and fun at the same time. Learning how to control a weapon in one’s hand can be an exhilarating experience. Even without achieving mastery of the weapon, you’ll still be able to enjoy the thrill of practicing tai chi weapons. Keep an eye out for our weapons training sessions, we offer training in different weapons at different times of the year.

Cycling Fits All in the Family — Nuvo Garage

Every year, creative new ways to store bikes keep appearing in the marketplace. Based on the number of bikes you need to store and your family’s overall garage storage requirements, a little planning will make your bicycle rack storage options become apparent. When reviewing your next garage renovation, consider the amount of space you have available and how you might need to use it for storage.

Garden Days are Here Again: Are You Ready? — Nuvo Garage

Instead fighting through a shed full of stuff to dig out a single trowel or hand tool, it’s all visibly on a well organized and secure wall storage system. Besides protecting your best garden tools from rust and dampness, the garage wall organization system gives the gardener in the family peace of mind that tools won’t become bent or misshapen. Enjoy your gardening and cherish your gardening tools this spring with a little re-organization or small garage renovation project!

On this Earth Day, Green Your Garage — Nuvo Garage

When greening your garage, get the entire family involved. Explain the changes and their value to the family as well as the impact to the planet. Get involvement from the entire family to make new initiatives a reality for the entire family. Celebrate your “green” garage initiatives with pride and make it contagious throughout your entire neighbourhood.