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Tai Chi for Back Pain Prevention & Relief – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

With a regular tai chi work out, gain stretch and strength to avoid injuries and relieve back pain, build body awareness as well as improved body mechanics so daily routines remain enjoyable, relaxing and injury free. Tai chi is undoubtedly one of the best exercises for prevention and relief of back pain.

2 Car Garage – Brampton — Nuvo Garage

When you are an avid chef lacking space in your kitchen, expanding your pantry to the attached garage might be a natural solution. That was exactly what was happening in a chef’s garage where I completed a garage design & renovation in Brampton. This creative chef was storing both cookware and ingredients in her garage when she called me in. Using your garage for this purpose works well when you have the proper storage solution to protect this valuable merchandise.

Tai Chi, The Martial Art – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

It is not only a great health benefit but once the body has formed the proper habits and can execute the movements instinctively, you can add power and speed. When properly executed, good biomechanics combined with speed and power makes tai chi movements become a much more effective martial arts than conventional movements.

1 Car Garage, High Park, Toronto — Nuvo Garage

Not every garage remodel needs to be a huge project. The most effective storage solutions offer you a straightforward way to easily access and find tools, supplies or equipment. Sometimes minimal solutions are the most efficient. That’s the situation I encountered with a family that included an avid gardener in a High Park garage design & renovation.

Four Ways to Make Storing Holiday Lights and Seasonal Decorations a Snap — Nuvo Garage

Storing and retrieving seasonal decoration doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. Relatively inexpensive specialized storage containers make storing and retrieving artificial trees, holiday lights, ornaments and wrapping paper simpler. However, what is the best way to store holiday décor odds and ends for which specialized containers are not available?