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Racks for All the Family Adventures — Nuvo Garage

Turning the garage into a storage system to ease the packing and unpacking of the vehicle racks means we can reduce the strain of moving larger awkwardly shaped carriers and outdoor toys.  A little bit of planning and a garage renovation will make it easy to move items from the vehicle to its storage location in the garage and back again. A complimentary in-home consultation is available to guide you through a process to outfit your garage storage systems to your lifestyle.

The Automotive Enthusiast’s Garage – More than a Parking Spot — Nuvo Garage

When looking at helping the automotive enthusiast fulfill their dreams, the rest of the family can still enjoy a classy looking garage with a balance of curvy luxurious lines and dust-free walls as well as floors. Without losing function, the garage can offer storage space for the belongings of all family members while meeting the needs of the auto enthusiast. Everyone will be proud to call the garage another room in the home. Achieve that balance of form and function which the whole family can appreciate.

Cargo Boxes, Roof Racks and Storage for an Active Family — Nuvo Garage

Make the packing and unpacking of your family’s road trip vacation a breeze.  Or, get on your way to a different and exciting outdoor weekend adventure every weekend in minutes with the right garage storage system to match your vehicle rack system including carriers, cargo boxes and bags. The right storage system can help you spend less of your time packing and more time enjoying the outdoors and time with your family or friends.

Living Healthy with Tai Chi for Diabetes – Ji Hong Tai Chi Mississauga

A body which is more often in a rest and relax mode will spend more time metabolizing and digesting which is important to overall health. Tai chi is great for people who have metabolic syndromes as well as a variety of other health issues.  It’s low intensity but highly invigorating workout is great for improving health, reducing stress and improving mood. If you would like to experience the health benefits of tai chi, contact us to come in for a trial class.

2 Car Garage Transformation – North Toronto — Nuvo Garage

For a young family in a new home, planning for growth is one of the key objectives for any garage renovation or home project. The large amount of overhead storage means that the family can grow their interests and past times with space to spare to store the related gear and equipment. With a slatwall storage system, there’s room to re-arrange hooks, baskets and shelves. Slatwall systems are ideal to optimize, expand and re-organize the usable storage space.